Legos and Angry Birds

Apparently there is this really popular game for the iphone and ipad called Angry Birds.  Papa Freddie introduced it to Cale and now he loves playing it.  And typical Cale style, he re-created the game in legos.  Just about everything gets re-created in legos by this kid.  
 Cale’s Angry Birds:
 The real Angry Birds:

Whenever Cale is quiet for an extended period of time you can usually find him in the basement playing legos.  We love seeing what he comes up with.  🙂



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  1. That is impressive!

    Aapo's the same way! He spends hours with his little Lego's. And, when he spends his money, it's for little Lego's. We have a few (nowhere near what you guys have!) but he's hoping to hit the jack pot this summer garage saling.

    He's always designing and creating things and he's got every last detail planned out for what this part or that part does and loves to explain it all to us when he's done.

    Those two are a lot alike.

    He decided he wants to be a King when he gets bigger. So, a couple of days ago, he was drawing all kinds of things that Kings (and Knights) would wear and have and explaining them all to me. Reminded me of something Cale would do.

    ~ J

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