Let it snow.. Let it snow…

Once the snow started, it just won’t stop!  No school yesterday and a late start today.   I would be okay with a late start everyday.   I kind of like the late morning thing 😉

oh, well… makes for some good quilting weather 😉    If you’ve been following along, this is my current project.   Just waiting for the backing material to come in.  Cale has claimed this one as his despite the lack of star wars or penguins or super Mario brothers….   He likes the arrows 🙂

And I think I’ve figured out why sewing is sucking me in so bad.   It’s the fabric!   I could shop for pretty fabrics all day (and sometimes I do 😉  )


Another good snowy day activity…   sitting on the couch with my newly made quilt and surfing my new ipad mini 🙂    I was feeling bad for hogging Matt’s Ipad all the time so I finally got my own.  I went with a mini because I plan to use it for this little business of mine.   I love it but I did notice instantly that the display is not as nice as Matt’s.   Apparently that retina something or another actually makes a difference. 

I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the snow!



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