location, location, location

This year I’m asking my seniors to put some thought into their session
locations.  There are a couple of reasons for this…

It allows me to shoot in a variety of places.
It allows me access to properties I otherwise don’t have access to.
For example, one of my seniors has a family property with
a barn and an old car on it.  How fun!!   I love barns!

It allows for my seniors to put some thought into what they want their session to look like. 
I encourage them to think about what they love in senior pictures.
For example, are they drawn to downtown type of photos,
field photos, urban settings… etc…   I want each session to feel
personal to who they are and what they love.

And to get my seniors thinking about locations, here are a few examples:

An old barn with a teal door!   It doesn’t get any better than that!

2013 senior portrait location, L'Anse, MI

Except it could have been better 😉
The light was still a little too intense so I didn’t get to use the door
how I wanted to.   I prefer to shoot in shade or with the sun to the
subjects back.  We could have visited this site about 30 minutes
later and it would have been perfect but instead
we stayed and worked with the light.

So if you have a cool location in mind, let me know ahead of time
what it is and I’ll try to check it out to see when the best
time would be to shoot there.  🙂

2013 senior portrait location, L'Anse, MI

The picture below was actually shot in a cemetery.   Yes, a cemetery!  😉
But the field was really pretty and it was somewhere easy
to access.  Tombstones were literally right behind her
but I shot in a way that you could not even tell!

2013 senior portrait location, Hancock, MI

When I saw my sister wearing this outfit, I asked her
to do a shoot with it.   I knew I wanted a more
urban feel for an outfit like this.   I immediately thought of
this colorful and fun graffiti wall.

2013 senior portrait locations, Hancock, MIAnd as an added bonus, these cool yellow stairs
were right near the wall!
2013 senior portrait locations, Hancock, MI

I love all the downtown areas in the U.P.!  Every town has the coolest
junkiest buildings 😉   There are lots of doorways and alleyways and little
tucked away areas in all of our downtown areas.  Lot’s of variety there!
2013 senior portrait locations, South Range, MI
The one thing you will notice about all of my photos regardless of the
location, is the subject.  I’m less concerned about the beautiful
scenery around us and more concerned with pretty light.
Sometimes that pretty light is found in obscure places!  I shoot in a way
that my subject is the focus of every photo, not the location.
But… it’s still fun to have new textures and backgrounds,
and different properties to work with!



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