Meet our fur baby Felix

Last week we did something I said we would never do.   We got a puppy!
A cute one at that 🙂

Felix is a Bichon / Shih Tzu mix.   A zuchon… a Shichon, a Teddy Bear dog…   Apparently they go
by many different names.
The kids are thrilled and Matt and I
are overwhelmed 😉   I forgot how much time and attention goes
into a puppy!   But it wont last forever and so far he really has
been a nice little guy.

We drove to Wausau last week to get him.  He is just 9 weeks old.  He seemed
to adjust to our family so quickly!

Bath time!   Not his favorite but he’s getting use to it.
Someone is smitten 😉Head tilts are my favorite!!   How cute is that!!??



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