Mike + Angela {1st Wedding as a Second Shooter}

I had a blast second shooting this wedding for Vienna Glenn Photography in June.  Weddings are definitely as fun to shoot as I imagined they would be.

You can check out Lea’s shots from this wedding here.

I was feeling really calm and collected about shooting this wedding which kind of surprised me.  And then the nerves suddenly hit me minutes before the ceremony started and I shook like a leaf.  I realized at that moment how you pretty much get one chance to get some of those really important shots.   Thankfully the nerves didn’t last long and despite my camera not being able to handle really high ISO’s I’m happy with the shots I got.  Lightroom is amazing for taking the noise out of images.



8 Replies to “Mike + Angela {1st Wedding as a Second Shooter}”

  1. awesome pictures!! You and Lea were so amazing and captured our day beautifully! Thank you!

    -Angela and Mike

  2. Thanks Angela! I've been very lucky to have some really great "firsts" in photography and your wedding was definitely one of them 🙂

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