Monday, Monday

I have a goal to take more photos of the kids this year since I pretty much failed at that last year.  So the result of that may be more photos of them on this here blog 😉

My youngest… in all his cuteness….   and silliness….  and sweetness….


I instagram more than I blog (@emily_dennis_) so I posted this photo already.    I ran out of fabric on my sewing rampage so I whipped up this astronaut pillow case for this little guy.   I was going to let them help me pick out fabrics for their quilts but realized quickly that our ideas didn’t match… so we compromised and will use the fabric for other things instead.   😉

His pillow case glows in the dark!   Who knew fabric could do that!? 
This is my current quilting project.  I ended up ordering a bunch of oranges to give it a little more contrast.  I’m at a standstill until I get them in.  I’m having sewing withdrawals!  lol 
Speaking of sewing…   coffee and fabric…. my two loves right now 😉

And since I ran out of fabric, I started cutting some squares for another quilt.   Might as well get two done at the same time.   Matt is beginning to wonder what we are going to do with all these new blankets around here.
Happy Monday!   Hope it’s a great one!



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  1. He certainly is irresistible! 🙂

    And I knew you would get sucked in! So fun, hey! I’ve sewed everyday for the last 2 weeks – hoping to get my Etsy shop well stocked! Been loving it too!!

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