Nathan & Hilary {Houghton Memorial Union Ballroom wedding

Nathan and Hilary’s wedding day was forecasting
rain and clouds.  We prepared for the worst but thankfully the rain
held off enough at the times we needed it to and their day was lovely 🙂

Witnessing the love between Nathan and Hilary made
for such a special day.   Here’s a little peak at the events of the day.

emilydennisphotography_1541emilydennisphotography_1542emilydennisphotography_1543emilydennisphotography_1544emilydennisphotography_1545emilydennisphotography_1546emilydennisphotography_1547I was smitten with the two little flower
girls the entire day.  emilydennisphotography_1548emilydennisphotography_1549emilydennisphotography_1550emilydennisphotography_1551emilydennisphotography_1552emilydennisphotography_1553Hilary made for the most stunning bride!
Her wedding dress was gorgeous!emilydennisphotography_1554Look at the smiles as Hilary’s dad
hands her off to her husband 🙂emilydennisphotography_1555emilydennisphotography_1556emilydennisphotography_1557Kindt-359-2Kindt-391-2emilydennisphotography_1560emilydennisphotography_1561emilydennisphotography_1562emilydennisphotography_1563emilydennisphotography_1564emilydennisphotography_1565emilydennisphotography_1566emilydennisphotography_1567Love how totally random this photo is..lolemilydennisphotography_1568emilydennisphotography_1569emilydennisphotography_1570emilydennisphotography_1571emilydennisphotography_1572emilydennisphotography_1573emilydennisphotography_1574emilydennisphotography_1575emilydennisphotography_1576emilydennisphotography_1577emilydennisphotography_1578emilydennisphotography_1579emilydennisphotography_1580
Photographer:   Emily Dennis Photography
Second Photographer:   Natalie Carolyn Photography
Ceremony Venue:   L’Anse United Methodist Church, L’Anse, MI
Reception Venue:   Michigan Tech Memorial Union Ballroom, Houghton, MI
Cake Artist:   Roy’s Pasties and Baker, Houghton, MI
Florist:   The Flower Shop, Hancock, MI



10 Replies to “Nathan & Hilary {Houghton Memorial Union Ballroom wedding”

  1. Beautiful,beautiful pictures! It is wonderful to be able to see that day again.

  2. Nathan and I absolutely love the photos and will treasure them forever!! 🙂 Thanks so much to you and Natalie for capturing our day with such beautiful photos! 🙂

  3. Perfect wedding pictures of a couple we hold very dear to our hearts. Thank you Emily and Natalie for the memories!

  4. I was there and these pictures are so amazing they paint the day all over again. Love them!!! Huge congrats to Hilary and Nate!

  5. I love every single one of these photos! What a perfect wedding day it was!

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