5 Replies to “Newborns { Meet Isaac }”

  1. AAaah, I'm just dying over the one with his head on his hands (second picture), those cheeks! And his mohawk!

    I think my favorite is with his hands behind his head.

    I can't wait to see the pictures with Adrian!

  2. He's so so sweet. Probably so easy to photograph this age because they are still so sleepy…no matter how much you move them around they just fall back asleep.

  3. He is so cute and chubby! I love all of these.

    And all I can think is 'I want my baby'! I told Beatle today that I think this little lady is trying to compete with Isaac in birth weight since she's in no hurry to be born. Will be interesting to see what she weighs…

    ~ J

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