…I admit it… Someday I want to do this photography thing for real.   I LOVE it!  I was able to practice on a newborn today.  I’ve been itching for one to practice on for a while since I got my camera two months ago.   This little guy was the perfect baby to practice on because he slept the entire time and let me mold him up however I wanted to.  So, yep, I could get used to this!

He was a little jaundicy so his skin is a tad on the warm side.  🙂



3 Replies to “ok….”

  1. if you still need practice in six weeks or less when my babe comes, your more than welcome! This looks great! :)How fun!

  2. That's my precious little grandson. What a beautiful baby, if I must say so myself! Very nice pics! Gramma P

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