I bought a new lens.  Somehow the UPS guy keeps dropping stuff off here.

I should have gotten this lens right from the start.  Actually, I should have just gotten all my lenses right from the start.  It seems that after every wedding I order a new one.  I like prime lenses which means that you end up with quite a few of them to cover all your focal lengths.  My shortest focal lenth was a 50mm which is actually about 75mm on my crop sensor camera.

So this 28mm was much needed!  I think I’m going to really like this one.  It will be a great snapshot lens and probably the one that will be on my camera for our upcoming vacation.

I can finally get pull back shots like my (messy) porch:

But…. it is not a great portrait lens…lol.  I think I’ll stick to my 50mm for that.
(Wider lenses tend to have a lot of distortion towards the edges.)



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