I’ve been anxious to try shooting in RAW ever since I got this camera.  Actually I’ve been wanting to ever since I heard about it years ago.

I didn’t want to even try though until I had a computer that could handle it. RAW files are HUGE! I dragged Cale around the yard to test out RAW. I should probably read up on it before diving in but this is my stumbling along blindly attempt. I think I’ll like this RAW stuff! Now I need to find some info on how to process them properly.

And I just snagged her in the front porch.  She told me I can take 10 pictures only.  She counted my shutter clicks and jumped up after 10.

(I added a little bit of sun action to this one)

Yes indeed I do like RAW. I processed these 3 pictures in Adobe Bridge and ran Perfect Portrait on them and that was it. So much less fiddling.



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