Right now

This about sums up our household right now. 

Legos…. lots of legos!

Starwars… I now live with 4 star wars nerds.

My kids are usually scared of the villains in cartoons but for some reason they all love the Star Wars movies.  Can’t figure that one out…



  • January 11, 2012 - 5:41 pm

    ~ Junkyard Jennifer - Ever since my boys saw the Lego train Matt got, 😉 I mean, your boys got for Christmas, they've been asking for one!

    We didn't even know they made a train. So now I'm keeping my eye out for next Christmas.

    And they want more Lego bricks. I was glad to see the box your boys showed us – I didn't know you could buy them separately. We have a lot to learn… 😉

    ~ JReplyCancel

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