Ryan + Erin { winter engagement }

This engagement shoot was so fun!   It felt great to get out and shoot again after taking it easy this winter.

Ryan and Erin were the perfect couple to brave the elements with.  I was so thankful we had beautiful sunshine the day we chose to go out.  It was a bit windy and chilly but the day was gorgeous.  And I loved that they made this shoot so easy!  I did very little directing and instead just kind of stepped back and caught them interacting with each other.  Definitely my ideal engagement shoot 🙂

Ryan and Erin met at Armando’s just a couple of years ago so we started our shoot there.  I love that we were able to incorporate something meaningful to them 🙂


Last May Ryan proposed to Erin on the back of her truck.
I love that we could include some pictures to bring those memories back.

Thanks guys!  I’m looking forward to your upcoming wedding 🙂



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