Sean // HCH Class of 2014

Sean’s senior session was late in the fall.
He was so easy going and fun to photograph.  We kept
his session short and sweet but still ended up with
lots of great photos of him.   🙂

emilydennisphotography_1242________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1243________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1244________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1245________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1246________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1247________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1248________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1249________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1250________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1251________P I NSite Imageemilydennisphotography_1252________P I NSite Image



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