Seattle….. Part 3

Back on firm ground after being jostled around for 40 hours straight.

This is King Station in Seattle.  I think we arrived early afternoon.

It didn’t take long to get situated in the hotel which was smack in the middle of downtown.  We ventured out right away.  We didn’t rent a car so we did a lot of walking.

We stayed right near the downtown shopping district.

This is the mono rail track below.  This is the next block over from our hotel.

Our hotel.  Nothing fancy but worked out well.  I’d recommend it to anyone.

Our first (of many) trip on the mono rail.  It started a block from our hotel and traveled about 12 blocks to the space needle area.  There are a few sketchy areas in between so we usually took the monorail even though it’s not the cheapest transportation.  

Brady missed a lot of this vacation during his naps 😉

We did all the touristy stuff.  We visited the EMP museum.  It’s some sort of music museum.  I actually found it quite boring…lol.

On the mono rail again.  This time Brady actually experienced it awake.

We arrived in Seattle on a Saturday and caught our first baseball game that evening.  We went to games most nights we were there.

The bat chandelier. 

I find baseball games quite boring also.  But it was fun to use my 300mm lens to capture some shots.

Our little Mariner fan finally getting to watch them play a real live game.

I absolutely hate these super high seats at baseball games.  I don’t like how helpless I feel being way up that high. 

You can get some cool city shots from that high up though.

We really lucked out with gorgeous weather the entire week we were there.  The moon was big and bright every night.

Sundat morning we headed straight for the space needle.  This picture below is taking the glass elevator to the top.

Our hotel is on the right in the middle of the skyscrapers.  You can see the monorail track and if you follow that down it ends near our hotel.

Another game….

This time we had much better seats.  We were in the corner behind first base.  Much better way to watch a baseball game.  I will bore you all with my shots of the game tomorrow.  I have no interest in baseball but I do have interest in photographing baseball 😉

I don’t know what was more expensive…. the food or the tickets….

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