Seattle….. Part 5

 I think some of the dates are off on my pictures. 

I can’t remember if this is the evening or the morning.

We have very few pictures of me on this trip since I was the one with the camera the entire time.  I snagged this one off of Kirsten’s camera.  This is in the hotel lobby waiting to start our day.

Lunch at the downtown McDonald’s.  Don’t use locked restrooms in McDonald’s in the middle of the city.  I speak from experience.  There are things in there you do not want your 8 year old to see.    (or that I wanted to see for that matter…)

The famous Hammering Man.

I don’t remember the name of this building but it has a really cool curved base.  

This is the bottom of the curved building which is why they are all looking up 😉

The Public Market is a must see in Seattle.  It’s neat.  We went first thing in the morning before it got too crowded.

The famous fish market.  If you order fish they sing and throw it around.  It was pretty quiet for us but we did see them throw the fish.  I think some people order it just see that.

 There are a bunch of shops inside the Public Market.  It kind of winds all around in this old building.  We were exploring before most of the shops were even open.

This is the original Starbucks.  It’s right in the public market.  We actually went here on accident a few years back but didn’t find out until we got home that this is where Starbucks started.

Funny thing about the coffee in Seattle….   We were really looking forward to enjoying it but it turned out to be more of a pain to always be carrying a cup of coffee that we didn’t drink as much as we thought we would.

Back behind the Public Market.  We didn’t have much of chance to see this area last time we were in Seattle so it was fun to explore this time.

On our way to the Aquarium.  It’s down on the waterfront on one of the many piers.  

 They have a large dome aquarium with sharks and everything.

 Sea Otters.

The Aquarium:    (and gorgeous weather!)

On one of the piers.

This was our favorite meal we enjoyed in Seattle.  It was not cheap but it was fun!  They are famous for their big bowls of seafood and they literally dump it on the table and let you dig in. 

If you ever make it to Seattle check out The Crab Pot.   It is worth it!   Brady slept through most of our lunches including this one.

The poor boy was starting to miss some things from home.  One of those things was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find a plain ole peanut butter and jam sandwich in the city.  He had to settle for Peanut butter and bananas. 

The other thing he missed was his toys.  He kept asking to go home and we finally figured out why that was.  He wanted to play with his toys.

Waiting for the mono rail at the mall.   I think this is mixed up and was from before all the above stuff.

The space needle at night.  We took two trips up.  Once in the day and once at night.  Your ticket allows 2 trips within 24 hours so we took advantage of it and enjoyed the city lights.

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  1. Great pictures. Seattle really is a cool city. It would be fun to visit it again. I visited my friend Claudia when she lived there. We took the bus to the Market. We also had dinner in the Space Needle. Enjoying your vacation.

  2. I really enjoyed these. I don't know if it's the awesome weather and the green trees and grass – or the vacation that I want more. Both sound so awesome right about now.

    ~ J

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