Seattle…. Part 6

They stop you on the way up the Space Needle to get a picture.  Here’s the one from our second trip up.

The view out our hotel room:

We did a boat tour on Puget Sound this day.  I think I was the only one who enjoyed it.  Turns out, Matt (and the kids) doesn’t like boats.

Another beautiful sunny day in Seattle!

Snagged this one off of Kirsten’s camera. 

Mount Rainer below.  It was clear enough to see it this day. 

Your kids toys coming straight from China:

Getting these ice cream cones was the biggest mistake of the  They were a mess!

Our favorite breakfast location.  We ate here every single morning.  It was right across the street from the hotel.

If you are ever near a Specialty’s Bakery you gatta check them out!  Delish!  We usually got an assortment of sticky buns, cinnamon roles and other pastries and shared them all because you had to try everything!

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