A little more Hawaii to warm you all up today

I know a lot of people complain about all the “selfies” these days, but
I think it’s pretty amazing that we have the ability to record ourselves so easily.  The most
unfortunate part of our honeymoon photos is the fact that there are so few of US in them.   It was difficult
to take “selfies” with a film camera.   You had to hope a willing bystander would offer
to take a photo for you if you both want to be in it.

I dream of the day I can take my kids to Hawaii with us.  I’m not
sure if that day will ever come but I’ll keep dreaming about it 🙂
My dad had the same dream many years back and
was able to bring two of my sisters and I to Maui back when
I was in high school.  I actually stumbled across those photos the
other day.  Maybe I’ll share them sometime..


Film Flashback of Hawaii // Part 2

I came across our Hawaiian honeymoon pics today as I was looking for some things
on old hard drives.  Matt and I were there for our honeymoon back in 2002.  That was over 11 years ago!!
Before digital took off….   So we brought a handful of rolls of film to shoot.
You had to be much more selective of what you took photos of and unfortunately I wish
we had more photos with US in them 🙁
These photos have all been scanned.  I’ve shared a few of them in the past.

We flew in to the main island and from their hopped
on a plane to Kauai.   But before we did, we went to Pearl Harbor.   We actually showed
up without a hotel reservation the first night and found one when we landed.   It wasn’t the nicest
place but it worked out.

These photos make me anxious to go back!   I really
thought we would have made it back there by now but
it’s hard to think about leaving the kids for a week and quite expensive
to bring them with.   So for now, I’ll just keep dreaming of returning…

I’ll share a few more posts next week…