Brent and Emily | Keweenaw Mountain Lodge wedding

Brent and Emily’s Keweenaw Mountain Lodge wedding was a gorgeous one despite the gloomy rainy day.   These two were surrounded and supported by such wonderful large families and you would never guess the weather was the way it was by their happy and joyful demeanor throughout the day.  🙂

This ring shot pretty much sums up the rainy weather 😉

emilydennisphotography_3214emilydennisphotography_3216Emily and her girls prepared for the wedding in one of the rustic cabins at the Lodge.   emilydennisphotography_3215emilydennisphotography_3217emilydennisphotography_3223emilydennisphotography_3218emilydennisphotography_3219There may or may not have been some funny wedding night stories (or truths) being shared here.   hahaemilydennisphotography_3220emilydennisphotography_3221emilydennisphotography_3222emilydennisphotography_3224emilydennisphotography_3225emilydennisphotography_3226emilydennisphotography_3227emilydennisphotography_3228emilydennisphotography_3229emilydennisphotography_3230emilydennisphotography_3231emilydennisphotography_3233emilydennisphotography_3232emilydennisphotography_3234emilydennisphotography_3235emilydennisphotography_3236emilydennisphotography_3238emilydennisphotography_3237Meanwhile, Brent and the guys were prepping in another cabin.   Thanks Dylan for hanging out and capturing the guys!emilydennisphotography_3239emilydennisphotography_3240emilydennisphotography_3241emilydennisphotography_3243emilydennisphotography_3242emilydennisphotography_3244emilydennisphotography_3245emilydennisphotography_3250emilydennisphotography_3251emilydennisphotography_3248emilydennisphotography_3246emilydennisphotography_3247emilydennisphotography_3249emilydennisphotography_3253emilydennisphotography_3252Brent and Emily brought their outdoor wedding inside and it was still just as beautiful.  emilydennisphotography_3255emilydennisphotography_3254emilydennisphotography_3256emilydennisphotography_3257emilydennisphotography_3258emilydennisphotography_3259emilydennisphotography_3260emilydennisphotography_3261emilydennisphotography_3262emilydennisphotography_3263emilydennisphotography_3265emilydennisphotography_3266Would you believe it was pouring when we got into the trolley but sunny by the time we got out of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge driveway!   Talk about lucky!  emilydennisphotography_3267emilydennisphotography_3268emilydennisphotography_3269emilydennisphotography_3270emilydennisphotography_3272emilydennisphotography_3273emilydennisphotography_3274emilydennisphotography_3275emilydennisphotography_3276emilydennisphotography_3277EMILY_DENNIS_PHOTOGRAPHY-1-2emilydennisphotography_3279emilydennisphotography_3280emilydennisphotography_3281emilydennisphotography_3282emilydennisphotography_3283emilydennisphotography_3284emilydennisphotography_3285emilydennisphotography_3286emilydennisphotography_3287emilydennisphotography_3288emilydennisphotography_3289Toasting on top of Brockway Mountain!emilydennisphotography_3290emilydennisphotography_3291emilydennisphotography_3292emilydennisphotography_3293emilydennisphotography_3294emilydennisphotography_3296emilydennisphotography_3297emilydennisphotography_3295emilydennisphotography_3299emilydennisphotography_3300emilydennisphotography_3301emilydennisphotography_3302emilydennisphotography_3304emilydennisphotography_3305emilydennisphotography_3306The reception was held inside the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge in Copper Harbor.   Emily and Brent had it decorated beautifully.  emilydennisphotography_3307emilydennisphotography_3308emilydennisphotography_3309emilydennisphotography_3310emilydennisphotography_3311emilydennisphotography_3312emilydennisphotography_3313emilydennisphotography_3314emilydennisphotography_3315emilydennisphotography_3316emilydennisphotography_3317emilydennisphotography_3318emilydennisphotography_3319emilydennisphotography_3320The toasts were on point!  And this is what happens when your best man isn’t able to make the wedding but sends in a pre-recorded toast.  🙂emilydennisphotography_3322emilydennisphotography_3323emilydennisphotography_3324emilydennisphotography_3325emilydennisphotography_3326emilydennisphotography_3327emilydennisphotography_3328emilydennisphotography_3329emilydennisphotography_3330emilydennisphotography_3331emilydennisphotography_3337emilydennisphotography_3336emilydennisphotography_3335emilydennisphotography_3334emilydennisphotography_3333emilydennisphotography_3332emilydennisphotography_3338emilydennisphotography_3339emilydennisphotography_3340emilydennisphotography_3341The best part about a Keweenaw Mountain Lodge reception is the beautiful sunset photos that are to be had!  The sun even made a brief appearance right at the end of the evening! emilydennisphotography_3342emilydennisphotography_3344emilydennisphotography_3345emilydennisphotography_3346emilydennisphotography_3347emilydennisphotography_3348emilydennisphotography_3349emilydennisphotography_3350emilydennisphotography_3351

Matt and Renee {Keweenaw Mountain Lodge wedding

Matt and Renee’s Copper Harbor destination wedding took place on the gorgeous Keweenaw Mountain Lodge grounds.   They were married surrounded by their closest family and friends and their sweet little one year old.   Preparations took place in the Lodge cabins that are on site.   The ceremony was held in the covered lawn behind the Lodge with the reception inside.   The wedding day was filled with beautiful rustic details, golf carts, expressive children and lots of laughter and fun.

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Brent and Holly { Keweenaw Mountain Lodge wedding

Brent and Holly’s Keweenaw Mountain Lodge wedding was one of the sweetest weddings I’ve witnessed.   These two were high school sweethearts who ended up going their separate ways.   Brent never forgot about Holly despite the years of separation.   He had actually told Holly at the age of 15 that he was going to marry her someday.   That someday was last Friday on a gorgeous summer day in the Keweenaw.   These two only had eyes for each other during their ceremony.   Such a great day spent with their closest family and friends as they finally said their I dos.

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Tyler & Lindsey // Copper Harbor wedding

Tyler and Lindsey had the most fabulous
rustic destination wedding in Copper Harbor.  Their day started
out foggy, dreary and misty.  The couple and their guest stayed at the
Keweenaw Mountain Lodge where the reception was held.   Tyler and
Lindsey opted for an outdoor ceremony at the Eagle Harbor Life Saving Station.

I’ve been blessed with many beautiful
outdoor ceremonies this year and this one was no exception.
The skies cleared just as the ceremony began!

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Ryan + Andrea { Keweenaw Mountain Lodge wedding }

Ryan and Andrea were married on the
most gorgeous day at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge in Copper Harbor
this past Saturday.  The Lodge provided a gorgeous backdrop to
their beautiful rustic themed wedding.

Ryan and Andrea are two of the sweetest people
you will ever meet.  I overheard several times how much
Andrea does for others.  She was overwhelmed when everyone
gathered around and helped make her day everything she wanted
it to be.  🙂

The day started out pretty cloudy and cool but
soon turned into a gorgeous sunny day.

The girls got ready in one of the Lodge’s quaint
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Troy + Andrea { Keweenaw Mountain Lodge }

Troy and Andrea had a gorgeous wedding celebration
on Saturday in the Calumet and Copper Harbor areas.  This was another
“destination wedding” with a lot of family and friends traveling
to celebrate with them.

The forecast of the day was not looking good.   We were
expecting rain, chilly temps and gloomy weather but somehow
we managed to escape most of that and even saw the sun here and there
throughout the day.  It was a fun day full of laughs, gorgeous people and pretty colors 🙂

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