Tuesday Randomness

Today is going to be random.    Just because I feel like it 😉


:::   Do you know, I’ve had the same personal e-mail address since my very first one 15 years ago!?   Weird, isn’t it!   I didn’t use my last name so it didn’t become obsolete when I was married 😉     The downfall….  lots and lots of spam..lol..    I’ve been taking the time to unsubscribe to stuff though and it’s helping a lot.



:::  I received my adorable new business cards yesterday.   If you haven’t noticed, I’m doing some re-branding right now.   Trying to get every part of my business cohesive and working together.    And I have some good things planned for this season… one that excites me more than any other… but I’m not ready to share yet 😉


:::  I was ready to get a new imac because my current one was sooo slow.   I was restarting it every hour or two when running Photoshop.   But there are many other things I would rather invest in instead of another imac so I decided to try adding some ram.    Seriously crazy what a difference it made!   I more than tripled my ram and it only cost $60.   I can now keep some crazy big programs all running at the same time.   Good stuff!


:::  I’m busy working on my senior look book.   It’s almost ready!   Which means, I’m almost ready to start booking 2014 seniors!   Exciting!!!



:::  I will be traveling to the tropics with my love in just 2 short months.  It will be to shoot a beautiful couples wedding but Matt and I will have 5 DAYS WITHOUT KIDS!!     With out these very kids who fight over every single box that comes through this house.  These yogurt boxes kept them entertained for quite some time 😉  ( I must be really productive with that messy desk…)


Have a wonderful Tuesday!