My new studio space!

There is an exclamation because I can’t contain my excitement!

I have wanted to have a space to meet with clients for over a year and wasn’t sure
how that was going to happen.  Previously I have had clients to my home which worked
out but wasn’t the most convenient.  It’s important to me to meet face to face with
my clients.   I strive to be hands on and helpful so whether it was meeting in my home, in a coffee shop
or somewhere else, meeting up will happen.

I’ve kind of been on the lookout for a space the past year and I was in the Jutila Center in Hancock
a few times and was curious if it would work for me.   I met with them and discussed options.   That
was a month ago..  lol..   I now have the keys and a signed lease.  I don’t waste time 😉

So here it is….   A blank slate.   It’s small and cozy, but it’s bright and all mine and
convienent and easy for my clients to find me and meet with me.

My inspiration board:   I’ll be painting it a soft grey – hopefully within the week.   I hope for it to be comfortable and
inviting space for my clients and myself 🙂

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress….