The 2 year old and almost 1 year old

This shoot was probably my favorite to process because I’m actually starting to figure it all out.  This was by far the trickiest light I’ve worked with so I’m pretty happy with the images I got.  There is a little bit of noise in some of these and some focus issues but it was a good learning experience because I know what to do next time to get better results.

This little peach let me get some great shots of her.  Love those big blue eyes!
Her mom made her adorable dress and headband!

Love it when I can get a happy smile!

This little lady started getting tired towards the end of the shoot but it kind of made me laugh looking through the images when I got home because you can progressively she her eyes get droopier as time went on.  We even caught a sweet little yawn.

This little lady was by far the biggest challenge I’ve had so far.  A two year old full of energy!  It was a good challenge though and I managed to catch plenty of shots that I love.

I love the curly hair!  I was really excited to see how it would turn out in pictures.

I love the doorway of this house!  I was very drawn to it and hoping to catch some images I could work with.  Doorways often provide really pretty light.

The two year old was so expressive! 

We caught a few mellow moments too.

We were hoping after a quick little nap she would be ready for a fun cake smash but she just wasn’t ready.  I love this picture of her resting on mom’s lap.  Look at those little baby toes peeking out.

And I now have a new favorite picture.  And this is it.  This was my last picture of the day and turned out to be my favorite.

Thanks for letting me borrow your sweet little girls!



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  1. These are darling. I love their little amber necklaces!

    I'm so impressed with your pictures. Makes me want a new camera so bad. But I need to learn how to use this one first before I can even justify getting the one I dream of.

    ~ J

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