The 20 minute senior session

Molly was up a couple of weeks ago so we did a quick session.  We had plans to visit several locations and have more time but the weekend became busy and hanging out with friends became a bigger priority  😉

So this shoot was literally done in about 20 minutes in my backyard.  I’m sure we will get together for another one sometime later in the year.

I didn’t realize the sunbeam was in these until I took them off my camera.  I decided I kind of like it and used this one anyways.

I still remember calling her Molly Dolly and now here she is soon to graduate high school!  And apparently I’m the only one who thinks she looks like Jen.



5 Replies to “The 20 minute senior session”

  1. I think she looks like Gretchen in the 4th picture (black and white, looking off into the distance).

  2. It's funny, Molly came to my work the other night to make root beer floats for our 50's party. A girl I work with graduated with Jen and she told me the next day that Molly looks a lot like Jennifer.

    I always thought she (Molly) was Heinonen but I see a lot of my family in the close ups. Dad thinks her and Marissa T. look alike and I can see that too.

  3. I love these! They're all so cute.

    Funny, I've never thought we looked alike. I don't see resemblances in anyone, though, really, because I see everyone so individually in our family. Some people think we all look alike.

    ~ Jennifer

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