The 4 year old birthday girl

I found this cute little outfit for Rose E’s 4th birthday and wanted to take her out for a little photo shoot with it on.  We had a fun day exploring the woods behind a friends house and an old mine building.  The sun was a little intense even amongst the trees so I added a bright sunny action to a lot of these.  Rose has such pretty brown eyes and they were so fun to capture.



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  1. I love seeing what you come up with!

    She is so cute! These are adorable. My favorite is the close-up of her face where she's looking up (8 up from the bottom). That is a fantastic shot. I really like the black and white, too (7 up from the bottom). The serious expression is a great capture. She's a lighter, mini-me of her mama.

    (Cute skirt. That style always look so cute and fun in photos.)

    Well done!
    ~ Jennifer

  2. Hi Emily,

    Thanks again, they are beautiful. Rose E loved being the princess for the day!


  3. Doesn't look like you had any problems finding a cute picture of her! Very cute and nice photography! Also, thanks for taking the time to help me with my camera. It was a fun afternoon.


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