The first summer day at the camp

We went out to the camp on Saturday for the first time this season.  I brought my camera and used it a lot.  There’s a good chance I may not use it out there that much for the rest of the summer so since I felt like using it, I did.

All of these are taken with my 70-300 lens.  (The one I didn’t think I would use  Turns out I really like this lens on bright summer days.  These are all taken mid afternoon.

Love these water shots.  Walter kept throwing water on Cale and you can just see the joy in their expressions.

One of my favorites of the day.  (You can see the mallard floating around behind them.)

Running with his tongue sticking out.

This is Oma and Opa’s dog Lacy.

Another favorite of the day.

It is so cute to watch these two play together.

Finding big ants in the sand.

This one was taken with my 50mm.  When I see sparkling eyes I have to capture them.



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  1. That looks familiar–Awesome! Only a couple more weeks and we'll walking those same beaches… can't wait!

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