The Iphone version of Seattle

Since I still have not had time to go through our vacation pictures from August I thought I would throw up my iphone pics instead.  A quick summary of our cross country trip that took us from Minneapolis to Seattle by train.

Mall of America:

 Rainforest Cafe in the Mall of America:

 Doing projects in the observation car on the train:

 Going through the Cascade Mountains:

 Eating in the dining car:

 Cascade Mountains:

 The 7 mile mountain we went through!

The first trip up the space needle:

 Top of the needle:

 Downtown Shopping!

 One of the many baseball games:

 He took a nap everyday in the stroller:

The second trip up the space needle – this time at night:

 A boat tour of Seattle:

 Mount Ranier:

 One of the many trips on the Monorail:

 Kids Science Museum:   (one of the only times Brady got to play with toys and he loved every second of it)

 City bus ride to the zoo:

 A delicious breakfast at Specialty’s Cafe and Bakery every morning:

 One of our gorgeous lunch views:

 Back on the train:

 Breakfast on the train:



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  1. Yeah, where are the 'real' pictures?? Looks like a fun trip. Did you have to go over any narrow bridges on the train??

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