the little things

Finally a day where all three kids are in school!  Woohoo!   Of course that could change any minute if they decide to call to come home…. 😉  Between sick kid(s) and the snow day it’s been a while.

Just some random stuff today….

This little journal has been popping up on various blogs recently so I took advantage of my swagbucks and purchased it from Amazon.   I love the concept of quick daily entries to help jog the memory over the years.

still sewing…  basically just using up extra fabric on this quilt.   I’m hoping Brady likes it enough to want it 😉


Gearing up for this upcoming season!   Rethinking and working on my branding and the look of my business.   Working on more consistency in every part of the business.   Fun stuff!   I’ve already been getting inquiries about this summer so I hope to open up my calendar for bookings sooooon!!!


and coffee….  Never liked Starbucks until they came out with the Blonde roast.   Now I’m on that Starbucks band wagon 😉



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