The many expressions of a 2 year old

I took this little lady home with me today because Brady wanted to play with her and I figured her mother could use a little break since she is dealing with a fussy baby.  Oh and I was looking for someone to take some pictures of. 😉 She already doesn’t like me sticking my camera in her face so I kept this short and sweet in the alley behind my house.   I just love all the little expressions of a 2 year old.   And I’m really loving the light in my alley.


She was watching the boys run around. 



10 Replies to “The many expressions of a 2 year old”

  1. love the first one with the sparkley trees in the back— I love sparkely trees/sun

  2. Thanks Mary! I feel like i was kind of 'off' for a few days and I was worried my lens was not working properly so I was relieved to see the sharpness in these. 😉

  3. Hahah I love her little hands in her sleeves. She kept putting them back in them whenever I'd take them out! Then Gretchen said it's because she didn't have mittens this winter so her mommy just had her do that-hilarious!
    She's so cute, these are adorable!

  4. Ha keeks – I noticed the hands too! 🙂 'hands, hands, brrr' as she would say!

  5. I just showed these to Kendall…and she noticed her finger sticking out right away! "Kenno Binger"

  6. I love all of her expressions! I miss that little lady. Wish I could see her. She is so darn cute.

    ~ J

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