The one year old (**otherwise known as the results of my first shoot)

I am so lucky I got to follow around this little one year old the other day.   When I first got there she was a bit shy but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t work with.

We sat her in her little vintage rocking chair where she was still trying to figure out what this crazy lady with the huge camera was doing.  We don’t always need a smile.  In fact I much prefer a naturally sweet little look.

Kind of like this.  Could she be any cuter!?

But a smile is always nice too!  This one was worth the wait.

Yes, her eyes really are that big and blue!
ο»ΏLet’s get that baby into something more comfortable!  While I love a formal shot these types of shots are my favorite!
Just let them go and see what we find.  This chair kept her in one spot for a few minutes.

When I was taking these I was afraid there were going to be too many colors going on here and they would all become black and whites but turns out I really love these in bright color.

 She was fast.  But not too fast for this camera.

And some of my favorite shots of the day!  Completely unplanned.  Just me being her own personal paparazzi.  Every mom needs a picture with her baby.  Can you tell where this little lady is happiest!?

I seriously wish I had a green room like this to shoot in!  Such fun color!

and that was all.

This shoot was seriously so much fun!  It went way better than I could have guessed and came out exactly as I envisioned.  Thanks for letting me borrow your little lady!
I will definitely be doing more of these in the near future and blogging about them in this story line style.
**Headband is from Circle Boutique.



8 Replies to “The one year old (**otherwise known as the results of my first shoot)”

  1. Love them!! πŸ™‚ Just absolutely love them!! πŸ™‚ Your welcome..anytime..but I need to thank you!! Beautiful!!! Laura

  2. these are so fabulous Emily!! LOVE them (ps – what processing did you use? presets, lightroom?)

  3. Em, I love these! Way to go!! They turned out so nice. She is such a doll (and I love her name, too).

    (And, I'm GREEN with envy over your new camera.) πŸ˜‰

    ~ J

  4. These pictures turned out Awesome!! Love the green room too! Such a fun variety – lucky for Laura!

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