The Rest of B + K

Kendall must be getting used to the fact that I’m going to always try to take pictures of her because she actually willingly let me yesterday.  In fact she made it pretty clear to Brady that it was her turn and not his.

I’m really excited about this shoot because I tried something a little different with my settings and I’m really liking the results.  Post processing was very minimal on most of these.  I’ve been studying up on color and skin tones a lot lately hoping one of these days I will nail it.  I hope I’m getting closer…

All natural light in my boys bedroom.

I’m wishing I was able to get directly over them for this shot but next time I’ll work a little harder at it.  This is probably my 5th attempt at getting the color right.  It’s still looking too yellow or greenish or something….  Fixed it again…  I’m thinking the blanket is giving it a strange color cast or something.

I almost cloned out the red bookshelf but then decided I like the pop of color. 

I still didn’t get too many of this little guy.  Guess I’ll have to give him his own shoot soon.

I love getting shots of Momma’s with their babies.  We often forget to pass off the camera and end up not being in any of our pictures.

She actually looks like she’s starting to enjoy this!

And a wall shot for Amanda.  I much prefer to just follow and see what they will do but I also like to try to get one traditional looking wall shot for the Mom.  We were trying to get a good smile out of her and her daddy happened to call.  She heard his voice and lit right up and I was able to catch it.



5 Replies to “The Rest of B + K”

  1. These are some darn cute kids. Wow. You really captured them well! They're darling!

    I keep looking at them and it's so hard to pick a favorite because they're all so cute. That Bentley is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. I just wish we could see them for real!

    I like the ones with Amanda and the kids. It's so fun to see pictures of the mom with her kids. And the black and white with Amanda holding Bentley stands out for me. I like it. But that first one is awesome too. I keep going back and looking at it.

    ~ J

  2. Your color looks great to me! I love the one where Bentley's shirt button is pulled apart by his little baby belly– too cute!

    Great job Emily!

    It's fun for me to see you learn and be taking pictures… I remember that and I actually miss that because now I'm sitting here doing more paperwork than picture taking. :0) Anyway…

  3. cute! She was cheesing away when I was taking a picture of her earlier

  4. no weird looking tones to me (and my Mac haha)!!! In my experience its the camera and how it deals with colors (also whats reflecting onto subject), obviously unless you monkey with custom white balance or something which i do not do haha!

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