The Studio Reveal

So my space is finally at a point where
I can show it to you all.  It’s still a work in progress
but it’s fully functional and being used.  The main thing left to do is
finish decorating the walls.   I do believe more canvas’ will
be ordered this week 😉

I leased this space back in March and
slowly but surely put it together.   I wanted to furnish it
as inexpensively as possible so most of the items are thrifted.
The main splurges were the couch (from Sit N Sleep) and the TV.
The matching chairs came from home.

I made the curtains using inexpensive
Walmart panels.   The round table and chairs and the coffee
table were thrifted and painted.
The area rug is from Urban Outfitters.
The TV dresser is from Goodwill.   I painted it
a fun green and re-used the knobs by spray painting them
a matte black.The shelves are temporary until I
get more matching ones.   I brought the bins from home but
first gave them a fresh coat of paint.Most of the accessories were thrifted also.I always have Jone’s soda for my seniors 😉This place makes me happy when
I walk in the door.  🙂   I use it to meet with
wedding clients, hold pre-consults and ordering sessions with seniors.
I’ve even done a little shooting
in here.  Previously I did all this in my home but as
my business grows this is so much more convenient for
my family and my clients.



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  1. so beautiful emily! how fun to show off your beautiful work on the walls!
    I can only dream about a space like this! 😉

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