This, That and the Other

First off I want to thank all of my 2014 seniors for allowing me to capture your senior photos 🙂
It was a wonderful season and I adored working with all of my seniors this year.
I plan to continue blogging the rest of those sessions next week.


The summer months are crazy busy for me and that’s possible to do by prioritizing
and knowing I’ll have a few months off in the winter.  I’m still
wrapping up some end of the season things but I’ve already pulled out the sewing
machine and have been dreaming up my next quilt.  I will hole up all winter and work on crafty projects 😉

I finished up Brady’s quilt the other day.   So now, the pressure is off!   All
3 kids have their quilts done and are not begging for me to finish them.   I had to put Brady’s
quilt on hold all summer so he had to wait quite some time for it.  I’m not
crazy about the backing on his quilt but it turns out fabric (and quilting) is
expensive!   And I had already bought many yards of the orange chevron so I just went with it.


Up next is to finish my own personal quilt.   I just ordered the backing fabric yesterday.
Snuggling up on the couch with a quilt makes me happy 🙂


Another new project I hope to start this winter is Project Life!   Back in the day I was
an obsessive scrapbooker but then life got busy and it
was put aside.  My kids wish I still documented their lives like that, so does Matt and so do I.
My memory is so bad so having those books is priceless.
I was introduced to Project Life, thanks to Creative Live and it looks fun!   I plan
to start in January and document our year one week at a time.
What I miss most about scrapbooking is that fact that it always
prompted me to take more photos of our everyday life… something I have slacked on big time!

These babies are now 6, 8 and 10!!   yikes!


Have a great day 🙂



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  1. I love having life documented, I just have a hard time documenting while I’m trying to busy LIVING it. I should at least journal…
    Love the quilts!

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