To haze or not to haze

I talked about hazy pictures in a post last week and came across these today.  (Oh how I miss summer!) 

This is a perfect example of the difference between shading your lens or not in sunny situations.  Both are shot in the exact same location, exact same settings.  When I shoot backlit I tend to do some hazy, some not.  It can be a neat effect. 

The top picture my lens is not covered.  I had a lens hood on but just shot normal.

This bottom picture shows what happens when you put your lens in the shade.  I always bring a piece of cardboard or something and hold it up while I’m shooting.  The cardboard blocks the sun off my lens and prevents the haze you see above.  Generally, the better the glass, the less haze is a problem.  

I’ll take a bright sunny day over a cloudy day anytime so learning these kinds of tricks makes shooting in full sun much more doable.  I find it much more fun to work with the light than to wish I had more of it. 



3 Replies to “To haze or not to haze”

  1. I was thinking the same thing as Amanda!…will have to try covering my camera next time I shoot in direct sunlight…but I doubt my camera will pull through – even with a little help..haha

  2. Love your tips, too.

    Wish you were closer so I could pick your brain and start learning my camera more – so I can be a step closer to justifying a super camera.

    ~ J

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