Tuesday Randomness

Because I’m a procrastinator (and strongly dislike exercise) I’ve started a somewhat intense
work out program to get ready for Dominican Republic.
It has went from finding a 10 week program to an 8 week program to now almost 6 weeks 😉   So, I’m doing an
8 week program but have only 7 or less weeks to get it done 😉    It is kicking my butt!
And leaving me extremely sore.. which I hope is a good thing 😉  I’m thinking I don’t want to be in shape badly enough….

I made an inspiration board for my office
and when I walked into the new furniture store in Houghton, the first
thing I saw was a grey couch!   Almost identical to the one on my board.   Meant.  to.  be.
Don’t mind my fuzzy iphone photo.

My little lady has a gymnastics meet coming up and this time I WILL REMEMBER MY CAMERA!
The sad thing is, the last time it didn’t even cross my mind to bring it
with me 🙁   Photographers definitely sacrifice photos of their
own families when they provide them for others.

My kids all made their own board games a few weeks ago.
Not sure where they got the idea from but it kept them busy for hours!
And of course, we all sat down to play each of them.

And because this is random..   I’m a including a few recent photos of
my two little dudes.   🙂



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  1. Love these posts! I know you kids had to make board games at school. Can’t remember which grade. Maybe one of yours had to? Great idea. Love when kids play non-electronic things!

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