Twin Sisters

I took these two out the other night so I could practice on more than one subject. We had fun and a lot of laughs. It was sunny all afternoon and of course as soon as we jump in the car it got cloudy so the lighting is a bit flat. The sun did come out again towards the end when we were about done. I took way too many pictures and I have a few more sets of these that I’ll work on later but here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

The processing is a little mismatched and not what I probably would typically do but I was trying to disguise my flat light.  Plus I felt like they called for a bit of a vintagey vibe.

Gretch being Gretch 😉  I asked them if they had any ideas to try and this is what she comes up with.  This picture makes me laugh every time I think about it.

My 50mm and I are not getting along for full body shots.  I either need a lens that handles distance better or I need to figure out how to get good clarity with the 50.



6 Replies to “Twin Sisters”

  1. Very cool, Em:) Prolly you should take your new toy Torola camping and (are you going?) earn some cash. You could have the trip paid for:) Or else later in the summer if you are up for it, I'd LOVE to hire you to do some family shoots for us. These are great shots. The girls looks so pretty:) Amy I

  2. I am seriously soo excited for you to take my pictures! Love them all! And the buildings look so cool!

  3. Awesome pictures! What cuties! Ditto what Molly said, I'll have to have you get a family photo for us!

  4. Gretchen jumping cracks me up! Well, it was a good idea…made for a hilarious picture! 🙂

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