Wedding Snapshots (A blast from the past)

In celebration of our recent 10 year anniversary I’m sharing some more of our wedding photos.  🙂  I hope you are not sick of them yet 😉

These are photos of photos so don’t mind the quality.

Immediately following our ceremony.   Happy smiles!

Look at us!   A couple of kids!   I was 20, Matt was 22.

We both wanted our wedding in my parent’s backyard.   A small outdoor wedding would have suited our style so much more but it was difficult to think about planning it.   It kind of came down to having to rely on the weather so much, who to invite, who not to invite and all that.    Looking back, I really wish we had went ahead with it anyways because my favorite part of our wedding day was the time we spent at my parents after the ceremony and reception were over.   It was much more relaxing and enjoyable.

And it was fun because we could jump on the trampoline 😉

And we are off!   To our Hawaiian honeymoon.  As a young married couple.  🙂

I kind of laugh at this picture because not much has changed….

Next post… That Hawaiian honeymoon….



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  1. Hey Em- Happy (belated) 10th Anniversary! Crazy its been 10 years already! Thanks for the post of your pictures! Fun to think back.. and I was laughing at the comment about your glasses.. Boy, I can relate to some of the choices I went with! lol 🙂

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