What I’ve learned about wedding photography from my own wedding

I was married 10 years ago.   Back in the film days.
Digital was probably just beginning to emerge.  Wedding photography has
changed drastically since then.  I think it’s changed from formal traditional photos
into more journalistic storytelling images.


Here are some of the things I learned about wedding photography from my own
wedding experience.  This is on my mind right now because


#1.  Put some thought into your wedding photographer!


If I remember correctly, I was not even going to have one!
My inlaws insisted thankfully, but because I didn’t care about the photos, I didn’t value them.
I remember being irritated by the time they were taking up… which leads me to my next regret…


#2.  Allow enough time in your day to enjoy wedding portraits!

Marquette, MI wedding portraits

We decided to be traditional and not see each other before the wedding even though my family is HUGE and family photos were going to take awhile.   I feel like I kind of missed out on my own reception because while everyone was eating and visiting I was getting photos taken.  If you don’t rush this part of your wedding it really just becomes some time you can really love on each other on this day that is all about celebrating your love!
I could have prevented this by scheduling things differently… or…. the next point…


#3.   Consider doing a first look!

Houghton, MI wedding photography

Doing a first look would have allowed for the day to be more relaxed and would have allowed for majority of the wedding portraits to be done before the ceremony.  That is probably my biggest regret.


So looking back now 10 years later, I wish I had valued my wedding photography more.   I wish I had taken the time to find out what kind of wedding photos I wanted.   I wish I had purchased a wedding album.  The only thing I have to show for my wedding 10 years later is a proof book (which I just dug out of the basement this morning).


Now…. with all that being said…..  It was not all bad!   I loved my wedding.
I loved the man I married and really the ultimate goal that day was to say “I do” and live happily ever after.
Everything else was secondary to that.   🙂
(A blast from the past of my own wedding 😉 and it’s a photo of a photo so don’t mind the quality )



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