Why Photography, Why now?

Sometimes I think it’s crazy how quickly I became immersed into photography.  I picked it up 6 months ago to cure my boredom.  I haven’t been bored since 😉   It’s not altogether surprising though because I tend to go full steam ahead on new ideas and hobbies.  I think most things happen for a reason and I don’t think it’s any mistake that I chose to do this at this point in my life.  I have met some amazing new people and have gotten to do some pretty amazing things through photography at a time in my life when I needed these things the most. 

All my shoots lately have been seniors which is awesome because I love this age.  So much fun to capture them at this stage in their life.

Here’s a few I’ve been working on:

 My sister Molly 🙂

(Blogger is making my pictures crunchy but I can’t figure out what size and resolution I should be using.  On my list of things to do…..)

and a few more 🙂



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